8 Qualities of Professional Web Content Writers


Writing is an art. When it comes to writing for the web, a business organization, just like yours, requires a group of professional web content writers. Everyone cannot write engaging web content. That’s true. Not many of us possess that intricate sensibility to write content for the web. And those who do possess this extraordinary skill are making millions just by writing content for the web.

Qualities of Web Content Writers

Writing for the web is not easy. It requires practice. It requires passion. It requires patience. Passion comes with practice. Practice makes a professional web content writer perfect. Patience is virtue. Writing is virtue. Therefore, if you want to become a successful web content writer, you must practice hard. You must have patience. You must have persistence. You must have perseverance.

There are a huge number of professional web content writers available around the world. Only a few of them are famous. Well, there are only a few web content writers, who can claim the fame. Only professional web content writers can feel the joy that writing brings to them.  Web content writing has its own rewards. Respect, recognition, and money come with the passage of time.

I am not telling you to be Alice Munro, the master of short storytelling, and the Nobel Prize winner. You can neither be J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter series, nor can you be E.L. James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, by the way. It’s not easy being them.

Why I have given the examples of the literary giants? Well, they have some qualities in common. They possess the same qualities that you also require if you want to become a professional web content writer. There are qualities that distinguish web content writers from others. If you are searching for professional content writers who love writing for the web, look out for these eight qualities before hiring a professional content writer.

 1. Command over English Language

Web content writers have command over English Language

The first important quality of good web content writers is that they hold command over English Language and Grammar. Good web content writers know how to write a user-centric and engaging content. Good web content writers keep focus on their sentence structure and avoid making pity mistakes in English Grammar. They are well aware of the punctuation marks and prepositions they use to form a sentence.

Web content writers also keep focus on using the correct parts of speech within the sentence. They are also good at using tenses and maintaining subject-verb agreement intact. Good web content writers possess excellent vocabulary. They also keep an eye on the flow of content that they write.

If you are planning to hire a good professional content writer, do consider the strong English Grammar acumen. Even when a web content writer get stuck at a point, the individual tend to discuss out the roadblocks with other colleagues, so there are lot of other people to help web content writers out.

2. Passionate about their work

Web content writers are passionate

Web content writers are passionate about their work. Once you decide to hire a content writer, do ensure that the web content writer possesses passion about the job one does.

We all have heard about how Sylvester Stallone, the famous Hollywood actor, once struggled to get the lead role in his own film, Rocky. Not a single production house accepted him as an actor, but they were all after his story. They all wanted his story, without him. But Stallone persisted with his demand. He wanted to act in the film. His struggle reached the pinnacle, when he was forced to sell his beloved dog for $25 only and had to sleep on the footpath for three days, because he had no money to pay the rent. But Stallone had the passion to succeed. He had the passion to work in the film. And the rest is history.

Rocky is now one of the greatest films ever produced in Hollywood, and Stallone, a deserving super star. That’s what is required in content writers of today – who are writing for the web. It’s passion. Passion begets love. Passion begets hard work. If you are a content writer or have the urge to write content for the web, you must possess passion. Only then can you succeed.

3. Good story telling skills

Web content writers are good at story telling

Web content writers need to be storytellers. Storytelling is one of the most important characteristic quality that organizations need to judge upon, while hiring efficient content writers. As a web content writer, or a person who writes content for the websites, one must have the ability to play with the words. Web content writers do possess an intricate quality to create a magic spell over their readers with their words.

Canadian author, Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize description entitles her as the ‘master of contemporary short storytelling’. That’s where the motivation comes from for the web content writers. If you want to be a great web content writer, try to be good at engaging the readers, the customers, the visitors, alike, with your immaculate storytelling skills.

4. Good observation and communication skills

Web content writers have ability to observe and communicate

Web content writers should be judged on their communication and observation skills also. If a web content writer can’t communicate or is not a keen observer or researcher, what’s in the point to hire one? If one can’t communicate, one can’t write. It’s that simple.

Good web content writers are good listeners. Good web content writers are good communicators. Effective communication is one of the most under-rated skills that great web content writers should possess. Good web content writers are keen observers. Good web content writers are good researchers. Organizations that are into hiring web content writers must put great emphasis on the importance of communication skills.

Today, organizations are looking for individual web content writers, who are essentially can multitask. E.L. James, who has written the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy, has used her communication skills so well, that when you read the novel, it seems that she is talking to the readers.

That’s what the quality is. Communicate with the readers. All great web content writers do so.

5. Ruthless editing skills

Web content writers edit ruthlessly

One of the most precious skills that good web content writers possess is that of editing and proofreading. Yes! Most of content writers, who write for web love to edit and proofread their work before they hit the ‘publish’ button. And they are ruthless at cutting out all the bloating words which they acknowledge to burden their writing.

Companies that are looking for professional web content writers must go for web content writers who have the ability to edit and proofread their work, and the work produced by other content writers as well.

Most of the web bloggers and web content writers don’t even bother to check spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes, as if they are in a hurry! They just simply neglect the importance of editing and proofreading their work before publishing. That’s a blunder, mind you. What if a visitor on your website finds a spelling mistake on your homepage and informs you about that. It’s really embarrassing, isn’t it?

Every organization, thus, while looking to hire a web content writer must ensure that soon-to-be hired web content writer is a ruthless editor in one’s own right.

6. Open to criticism, feedback and learning


Web content writers are open to feedback and criticism

Web content writers and other individuals, who tend to write for various websites, are actually blessed with a quality that’s very rare. Yes, the professional web content writers are always open to criticism. They love to get some feedback on their web content writing skills. They want to learn as much new tactics as they possibly can.

This particular quality to learn something new, be open to criticism, is enshrined within web content writers’ guts. There are many individuals who don’t love to be criticized. How will they be able to learn and improve themselves then?

Learning never halts. If you want to be a good web content writer, then you must be ready to accept what comes your way. Be it a positive feedback, a negative feedback, be it a harsh criticism of your work, just be ready to embrace them and try to learn from every experience you gain.

Organizations today need web content writers who are flexible, reliable, trustworthy, and above all those, who are open to learn, share, and use their experiences when it comes to handling the feedback given.

7. Responsible and true to their words

Web content writers are responsible

Web content writers have become an integral part of international business organizations. One of the best and the most important qualities that web content writers posses is that they are responsible and are true to their words. They take responsibility of the words they have written and never back out of the stance they have made. Showing responsibility and integrity to one’s work is just as important as the work they are doing itself.

Organizations that are looking to hire professional content writers must ensure that web content writers are responsible individuals, who if entrusted with the task will deliver it with utmost professionalism by showing their interest, responsibility, and integrity.

8. Avid readers

Web content writers are avid readers
Surrounded by books.

One of the best qualities of professional web content writers is that they tend to read a lot of books. Professional web content writers are avid readers. Be it a novel, short story, drama, motivational books, business books, travelogues, fiction, non-fiction, etc. They have their own huge libraries, as they have a strong belief that readers are leaders.

They also watch movies to get the much needed information and inspiration from them. In fact as a good observer, professional web content writers tend to take inspiration from the minutest of objects. They are expert in portraying a common man’s feelings and emotions in their writing.

Therefore, if an organization is trying to rope in professional web content writers, do ask them whether they read or not? The answer will give you an insight into what you can expect from the potential web content writer.


Well, it’s time to end this blog here. It’s almost 15 days or so that I haven’t posted on my personal blog. Therefore, after such a big gap, I reckon that you will love reading this particular blog, not just for the sake of reading but you will also take away some useful information about what qualities today’s businesses should look for when it comes to hiring a professional and astute web content writer.

After all there are a lot of factors involved in hiring an individual who possesses all of the qualities lifted above. And then there is money involved in the whole process. You should decide wisely on whom to invest your time, energy, and financial resources. Hiring a professional web content writer is a huge investment after all. I have listed down eight of the most important qualities that a professional and an aspiring web content writer should possess.

Was this blog informative and interesting for you? Do share your suggestions and ideas in connection to this blog. I will highly appreciate your contribution in this regard.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Content Writers


Content is everywhere. In movies, in videos, in dramas, in documentaries, in curriculum books, in novels, in annual reports, in business proposals, in invoices, in pamphlets, in forms, in any entity you name, there is content. Don’t underestimate the power of a written word. Content is power. And according to Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft,  Content is the king. It’s tough being a content writer. But the real question is why your business needs content writers.

Content writer king your business

In today’s digital world, you need a website for your business. Let it be a traditional business website, an e-commerce website, an entertainment website, a product review website, a service review website, a photography website, a literature website, etc, is based on content. Websites are everywhere. There are more than 976 million websites today, each having content of their own. The counting continues. The fact remains that your business needs content writers. For the reason why? Read along.

The content writers deserve a whole lot of respect for constantly producing engaging, user-centric, and worthy content, helping the e-commerce ecosystem grow. They are no robots by the way. They are human beings. Unlike other businesses, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein did not manage to replace humans as content writers. We all – including you and me should be thankful to Frankenstein for sparing content writers. And the monster will never be able to replace content writers.

Why your business needs content writers?

Content writer business

Now the question is that why your business needs content writers.? Well, you would not like to run your business on a ‘naked’ website. A content writer is the one who dresses your website with catchy and engaging web content. It’s time to focus back on the reasons as to why it is important to hire a group of well-educated, efficient, and hardworking content writers.

  1. They are your voice

content writer voice your business

The first reason as to why your business needs content writers is that they actually create the buzz about your business. They are the voice of any active business in the world today. Content writers are actually the brand ambassador of your business. And no one fits that role more suitably other than a content writer.

Your business needs content writers because web content writers transform imaginations and ideas into worthy words. It is by producing engaging content – blogs, infographics, emails, call-to-actions, press releases, ad copies, social media posts banner texts, interviews etc. – that content writers play their part in attracting potential customers for your business. If you are running a startup or any other business, your team of content writers reach out to your customers in unconventional ways in order to build their trust around your business. This is why your business needs content writers.

2. They help you rank higher in search engines

Content writer rank higher your business

The second reason as to why your business needs a content writer is because a content writer thoroughly understands the psychology of a search engine. There is no second thought about that. Content writers are the ones who produce search engine friendly content pieces to help your business gain popularity and higher rankings on the world’s top most search engines, like Google, Bing, AltaVista, etc.

Writing for search engines is extremely tough. Keyword stuffing. Keyword density. Monotonous language. Content writers can manage all that with their writing master strokes. As the popular belief stands, search engine optimization is not dead and it’s here to stay, hence content writers are here to stay as well. With the help of content writers, who tend to produce optimized content for search engines, you can comprehensively beat other potential rival businesses in rankings by a wide margin. This is why your business needs content writers.

3. They understand psychology of customers

Content writer customer your business

The third reason why your business needs content writers is because they also understand the psychology of your customers. Well, customer psychology is a different game altogether. Understanding customer psychology is hard, and convincing them to buy your product or service is even harder. That’s where content writers have a vital role to play. By producing customer-centric content about your product or service, content writers can help a visitor to your website into a potential customer.

The first and foremost step in acquiring a customer is to educate that customer about the business. Content writers are the best resource to educate your customers about your business. Content writers can then convince the customer to buy your product or service by constantly engaging in communication and helping the customer make the best decision about purchasing a product or a service.

This is a long process by the way, and content writers can have an impact on a customer’s buying decision by convincing the customer about the benefits of using your product or service. This is why your business needs content writers.

4. They understand your business philosophy better than others

Content writer your business philosophy

The fourth reason as to why your business needs content writers is because they are well aware of the business goals and business philosophy. Businesses are known to follow a particular set of rules and regulations. These rules form the part of organizations’ working culture. Everyone needs to fit in that culture. Content writers are by no means an exception. They need to fit into the organizational working culture as well. In fact, content writers are the ones who enshrine the very essence of organizational culture and truly understand the working philosophy of the business.

Whether you run a retail business, a manufacturing business, a service oriented business, online retail business, etc. content writers fully understand the product or service that your business offers. A clear understanding of business model gives the content writers an edge over all the other employees.

It is the efforts put in by the content writers that define the working philosophy of the business. Therefore, content writers and content strategists have an important role to play in highlighting, adopting, and practicing the culture of their working environment. They hold the organizational values dear to them. Content writers follow the guidelines of the management about writing anything related to business and organizational values. Hence, the content writers are an integral part of an organizational culture. This is why your business needs content writers.

5. They are a complete package

Content writer complete package your business

The fifth important reason why your business needs content writers is because they offer your business a complete package. Believe it or not, content writers are the real backbones of all the thriving online and traditional businesses.

Let it be writing a business proposal, typing out a letter of interest, drafting a bid, writing an email to your potential client, writing social media posts to make the business’ presence felt in the online communities, producing SEO-friendly content, translation of a webpage into a foreign language, proofreading the official blog posts of the organization, checking out the spelling mistakes and editing the final version of documents, etc. a content writer can handle all the jobs with a minimum of efforts.

More importantly, proficient content writers save your precious time, energy, and money. Otherwise, you would have to search out for eight different profiles. If you can manage, go for seven people with expertise in eight essential content fields, or get one content writer. The choice is yours! Really content writers are researchers, editors, proofreaders, SEOs, translators, digital marketers, social media managers, translators – all rolled into one. They offer a comprehensive and complete skill package. This is why your business needs content writers.


In this blog, I have given you a mere five reasons as to why your business needs content writers. Well, bear in mind, content writers are no roll-overs. Content writers form an integral part of organizational progress. Content writers can make or break your business with the spell of their word. Writing is an art and content writers have enshrined this holy art in their practice. They should not be looked down upon as most of the organizations do.

Here, I should stop. It’s enough for now. I think I have kept my opinion to the point. I have listed five reasons as to why your business should hire content writers. There are many more reasons that you may know about. For the time being, I have deliberately stopped here, giving you some food for thought.

Now, it’s your turn to contribute to this blog. How do you find this blog? Was it worth reading? Do you find it interesting or not? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion about this blog in the comments section.

The 5-Step Guide to Becoming CEO of Your Life


Every one of you want to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life. Just like me. I want to become the CEO of my life as well. That’s true. We all want to control our lives. Despite all the efforts that range from cutting expenses to developing time tables; from practicing professional and personal restraints, to nurturing relationships, you, being an individual, tend to fail miserably when it comes to control one’s own life.

Chief Executive Officer


There is another powerful agent that controls our lives. It controls your life. It controls my life as well. Every one of us knows that agent, but fails to make it bow down to one’s own desire. Instead, all human beings, including you and me are bound to obey that agent. We all have to succumb to the demands of that agent. And that agent is none other than time.

Time is money. Money is precious. Time is precious. Time is all powerful. More powerful than a human’s will. Even more powerful than money.  Time rules the world. Time rules one’s life. Your life. My life. Manage your time wisely; otherwise time will manage you ruthlessly.

Why my blog is different?

I was searching Google for a suitable topic for my first blog about how to become the CEO of one’s own life. I wanted to write about the experiences that I had while attending the Strategic Time Management Workshop.

There are hundreds of self-help blog posts available online that cover the topic: how to become the CEO of your life.

My blog is different than all the posts that rank higher on Google. It is different because it has got information about the real-time experience of attending the strategic time management workshop for three days.

The Strategic Time Management Workshop

The workshop was conducted by Timelenders Inc. , a corporate training and consultant firm, at the Karachi University Business School (KUBS). The workshop continued from November 6 to November 8, 2015. It was truly a memorable and life-changing experience.

In those three days, I got the opportunity to meet with people having diversified backgrounds. Most of the participants in the workshop worked in textile industry. Some of the participants were working as general managers of pharmaceutical companies. Even two vice presidents of multinational firms participated in the workshop whole-heartedly. People including shopkeepers, cashiers, painters, government employees, railway clerks, and more importantly house wives were in attendance.

This particular blog highlights the importance of time management and the rewards you get for managing your time wisely. Managing your time wisely requires you to plan ahead of time.

Here I jot down the five lessons that I have learnt during that particular workshop, on how to manage time and become the CEO of my own life.

1. Prioritize your activities

Four quadrants of prioritzation

The first and foremost attribute of becoming the CEO of your life is prioritization. The prioritization of your activities is of utmost importance. It comes with practice. It requires sound decision making skills as what activities are important for you. You have to select the activities, keeping in focus their importance and urgency.

There are activities that fall in the important and urgent quadrant; for example, catching a flight in two hours in order to attend an important business meeting.

There are activities are important but not urgent; for example signing a business expansion deal with foreigners.

There are activities that are urgent but not important; for example taking your kids to school; well that’s urgent but not important, because your wife can take them to school as well. You can spare that thought.

And then there are activities that are neither urgent nor important; for example, watching a soccer match at your home. Remember it has not got any priority on your to-do list for your business. Business dealings are more important. It’s all about prioritization of your activities.

2. Develop mutual understanding

Mutual Understanding people

In order to become the CEO of your life, you must know how to develop mutual understanding. There are times when you need to take other colleagues into confidence before carrying out any activity. It is because their opinions matter when it comes to day-to-day dealings. Here is an example: You have received a proposal that requires your organization to invest a good amount of money in a business venture.

Now, as the situation stands, you are not only the stakeholder involved. There are other stakeholders as well, who might disagree with the proposal. It’s your responsibility to communicate and convince other stakeholders about the benefits of the investment proposal.

There are going to be discussions, debates, refusals, acceptances, etc. but the best solution is to have all the stakeholders on one page; whether your company is eager to invest in the venture or not. Once a unanimous decision is taken, then every one of the stakeholder should respect that decision. This is where mutual understanding comes into play.

3. Negotiate and reschedule your appointments

Negotiate reschedule time date

If you want to become the CEO of your life, then you must learn how to negotiate and reschedule your important appointments. During your life, you encounter many situations that you can’t do anything; and you just have to make things happen by using your negotiation skills. Tactful communication is required, and you need to master that particular skill.

There are a lot of examples, when you tend to arrive late at a function; arrive late at an official meeting; arrive late for an interview session; etc. And there are different reasons for being late. One can be stuck in a traffic congestion, or there are other important dealings that take more time to materialize and settle down that require time; may there was an important call from your boss, which may have interrupted your preparations.

Reporting late at office or at a meeting has become normal these days. It’s a really bad habit. It has taken a toll on your daily life routines. In order to avoid this late reporting habit, you need to reschedule your appointments. In situations like these, you need to use your negotiation skills to avoid any embarrassment. Carrying out fruitful negotiations in order to reschedule your appointments requires you to clearly communicate your engagements with your higher authorities.

In order to reschedule your appointments, you need to keep a buffer time. Well, a buffer is an extra amount of time that you keep on your side, to accomplish your tasks well within the specified deadline. For example, the last date for the submission of business proposal is January 13, 2016. Suddenly, you find a stakeholder not willing to go ahead with the proposal. It’s a serious matter. Now, the deadline is approaching fast. It’s your turn to reschedule the final meeting, when the final proposal will be signed for another date, instead of January 13.

Rescheduling of an appointment takes time. As the situation stands, you have to reschedule the final meeting, three days after the deadline has passed. If the party agrees, only then can you reschedule the meeting on 24 January 2016, which is three days after the actual deadline.

4. Avoid so-called ponies

Pony mental glitch

For you to become the CEO of your life, you must avoid the so-called ponies. Ponies are mental glitches, also known as negative thoughts that all of you need to avoid. We, including you and I, all are superstitious to some extent. That’s where the ponies come from. In order to succeed, you need to avoid so called ponies and nip them in the bud.

One of the commonest ponies that you have is, ‘What other people will say?”. Well that’s none of your business. If you are on the right path, no one can distract you. People have a lot of things to say, do turn a deaf ear to them.

Another important pony that hinders your progress in life is, “Why me?” Then whom? If you are not going to take initiative about changing your lives, then whom it will be? There is no second person or third person available. It’s all about ‘you and yourself.’ You need to clear your mind that you are the masters of your lives. You have to make yourself happy. You need to take responsibility for your actions that you perform daily. In order to be successful in life, you need to address these so called ponies at the earliest.

5. Keep your promises

Shake hand promise

CEOs tend to keep promises. If you want to be the CEO of your life, you must keep your promises at all costs. Don’t back track. How many of you are true to your words? How many of you keep your promises? With the exception of a few upright individuals, majority of you fail to keep your promises. One of the major factors that contribute to building trust is keeping promises. Once the promise is broken, the trust is broken. No one will trust a person that is in a habit of breaking promises. Don’t be the one who breaks promises and trust. It surely brings a bad name to you. Better keep your promises and your personality intact.

To keep your personal integrity intact, you should keep promises. This trait is the key to becoming the chief executive officer of one’s life. It will go a long way in harnessing your purpose of living a fruitful life.


Attending the three-day Strategic Time Management Workshop was a memorable and an altogether a very different experience of my life. I was able to perceive things from a different mindset and learnt that time management is all the more important. If you want to become the CEO of your life, than time management must be your top priority.

Develop timetables, prioritize your tasks, assign different time slots to your daily activities, do whatever you want to do, first learn to manage your time wisely. Time management is the single key trait of highly successful people, including CEOs, managers, supervisors, presidents. And I hope you are one of them.

Well, it’s time to end my first blog here. There are many traits that help you become the CEO of your life, but I have deliberately not included them in my blog. Hopefully, I have left some food for thought for my readers.

Now, it’s your turn to contribute to this blog. Do share your opinions about this blog on my website. Your comments will be highly appreciated.